What makes Bihler 4Slide NC machinery so different? Why is it better?

Thanks to next-generation servo technology of the Bihler 4Slide NC provides unmatched levels of productivity and operational efficiency. For 38 years, Bihler has been regarded as a high quality machine manufacturer in the U.S. market. It’s part of the Bihler Group Companies. Bihler is among the most highly recognized and respected machine manufacturers in Europe.

What are some of the benefits of Bihler 4Slide NC technology?

Bihler 4Slide NC machines offer highly efficient production of strip and wire parts even in small batch sizes. With extremely short set-up times and increased production speeds, lot sizes can be processed in as much as 50% less time enabling you to rapidly respond to short-term customer requests.

Is Bihler 4Slide NC machinery easy to operate?

Bihler 4Slide NC machines are available with VariControl VC1. Installed in a stand-alone control cabinet, its 15” TFT touchscreen offers simple operation and programming of the individual control and servo modules.

How does Bihler 4Slide NC machinery compare to my current 4Slide equipment?

The following chart shows some important reasons why Bihler 4Slide NC is the new standard.

Feature 4Slide 4Slide NC
Setup Time About 3 hours per setup About 0.5 hours per setup
Tooling Existing Tool compatible to old systems
Service Discontinued no service available Full Service from Bihler of America
Tool Protection Not existing or with external devices Integrated in Control
Productivity Existing run rate Potential for up to 50% increased productivity

What about my current 4Slide manufacturing machinery?

Bihler 4Slide NC has a unique modular concept that’s non-servo conformable. That means with only minor replacement of parts, it can easily adapt to a wide range of non-servo 4Slide machines. An investment in next generation Bihler 4Slide technology can become immediately profitable by running your existing tools on it.

What kind of cost savings can be expected with Bihler 4Slide NC technology?

With Bihler 4Slide NC technology manufacturing time can be reduced by almost as much as 25%